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Decoding the Complexity of the Entrepreneurial Journey

Unveiling the 4 Layers of the Digital Entrepreneur

June 01, 20234 min read

Welcome, fellow seekers of knowledge and growth! Today, we delve into uncharted territory, exploring the layers of our entrepreneurial journey that often go unnoticed. We have all experienced those moments when we question our position, seeking clarity amidst the chaos. Together, we shall uncover the problem, discover the solution, and craft our daily habits based on our current layer of progress.

The Starter: Identifying Opportunities for Value and Influence

This is where most of us find ourselves, identifying lead generation models and recognizing opportunities to provide value and influence. In this phase, extreme ownership and resourcefulness are our strengths, as we navigate the entrepreneurial landscape with a small team or contractors. Yet, a crucial obstacle hinders our growth—the financial constraints that hold us back. The real problem lies in our perception, as we mistakenly attribute our challenges to other factors. It is time to realize that a dedicated marketing budget can unlock new possibilities and propel us forward. Shame can be a formidable companion on this leg of the journey, but fear not, for we have the power to overcome it.

Starer Summary
Identifies working lead gen model. Extreme ownership and resourcefulness are strengths. The more you personally sacrifice the more you win. Solopreneur with contractors. 

Problem: NO CASH to invest in hiring a 6-figure scaler and operator. Stubborn.

Solution: Sacrifice more of your time or credit cards to increase lead gen.

The Operator
Good at managing other people’s emotions and enjoy conflict and motivating others. 

Problem: In the weeds. Lack of compensation upside compared to the starter.
Solution: Take your high salary as an employee and invest in other assets. 

The Scaler
Requires a minimum of a high 6-figure budget and access to 6-figure salary leadership talent. This is where VC’s often come into play. This is only possible with high levels of influence as a business brand or personal brand or serious cash and connections VC or 250K + engaged followers on IG or 2-5 inbound 5-figure sales per day. 

Problem: Invite only. This is a good old boys club. Do not be fooled. It is not based on expertise. It is 100% based on influence.
Solution: 20 years of working with celebrities/VCs or $10 million dollars to audition for the elite country clubs and Galas and dinner parties where you will be given ann opportunity to prove yourself.

Race and gender barrier are high

The Celebrity
0.1% of wealth or 0.1% of online attention grants you influence over everyone. The rules do not apply. Race and gender barrier are lower. 

HOW do we move through these layers?!

Exploring Uncharted Territory: The Shame Approach and the Practical Approach

Now, let us venture deeper into the realms of progress. Beyond the Starter layer lies a hidden space, where the gurus rarely tread. Here, I present two distinct approaches: the Shame Approach and the Practical Approach. The Shame Approach demands sacrifices of time and an exhaustive work schedule, leading to monetary success at the expense of personal fulfillment. It is a path chosen by some but not without its drawbacks. Alternatively, we have the Practical Approach—a path I personally favor. It involves harnessing the lessons learned from past trials and embracing risk with a fearless spirit. Balancing these extremes lies the sweet spot, where prudence and daring harmonize to guide our decisions.

The Power of Community: Seeking Guidance from the Inner Circle

However, our journey would be incomplete without a vital element—community. It is within the inner circle that we find solace, support, and the wisdom to make informed choices. Seeking advice from trusted peers who have already walked the path we are embarking upon can provide invaluable insights. Before making significant investments or pivotal decisions, consulting our inner circle can prevent unnecessary missteps and offer a fresh perspective.

Embracing Discomfort and Uncertainty as Catalysts for Growth

As we reflect on these layers and contemplate our individual journeys, let us acknowledge the discomfort and uncertainty that accompany growth. It is an intense and challenging process, stretching us beyond our limits. But remember, within these discomforting moments lie the seeds of transformation. By recognizing our layers, embracing the practical and the audacious, and seeking guidance from those who have gone before us, we can transcend our current boundaries and reach new heights of success.

Let our shared experiences and collective wisdom guide us forward. Together, we shall navigate the unexplored realms, crafting a path uniquely tailored to our aspirations. Fear not the challenges that lie ahead, for we are armed with knowledge and the power of community. As we continue this remarkable journey, let us face the unknown with courage, tenacity, and unwavering belief in our ability to create a future of limitless possibilities. Onward we go, dear companions, towards our truest potential!

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I Help B2B Businesses & Professionals Grow Their Network On LinkedIn via Personalized Cold Outreach | 12X Sudden Cardiac Arrest Survivor

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