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Ready to Quit Your 9-5? Do This 1st...

November 08, 20222 min read

Quit Your 9-5 And Become An Agency Owner

I'm gonna be really honest with you right now. I did this wrong, so let me help you out.

The first thing you wanna do is triple check that your offer is correct and your offer is scalable. If you have to customize every single package that you deliver to your customers, you're doing it wrong because you can't work a nine to five and customize every service you provide.

So if you need help restructuring your offer to be scalable and making sure your business is right, you wanna hire a business coach, okay? There's lots of them out there. A few that I recommend myself, of course, if you're a public speaker, I recommend that you work with my friend Aunt Blair. And also if you're a marketing agency owner, I recommend you work with Thailand Rucci Done For You Agency Program. He has a great program.

Now that your offer's right and your business is actually scalable. The second thing you want to do is ask yourself, Okay, is my goal to leave my nine to five or do I want to be an intrapreneur, someone who works a nine to five and keeps their nine to five and has side things going.

If you want to leave your nine to five, this is for you. What you wanna do is hire out and delegate your sales calls because you can't be on the phone at two o'clock in the day when you're at work. So what you wanna do, now that your offer's right, is you're gonna start generating traffic and leads through LinkedIn like we've already talked about, and then you're gonna delegate the sales calls and the appointments and all that work required to close the deal. And you're gonna hopefully be able to do that using a commission only model in the beginning and then in the future you can hire full-time staff of course. So now that you have your sales calls delegated and you're not on the phone all day, you can take your time going the business the right way, not get overwhelmed, keep working your nine to five as long as you want, and then eventually you can leave that nine to five and continue to scale up your business and hiring more staff.

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I Help B2B Businesses & Professionals Grow Their Network On LinkedIn via Personalized Cold Outreach | 12X Sudden Cardiac Arrest Survivor

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I Help B2B Businesses & Professionals Grow Their Network On LinkedIn via Personalized Cold Outreach | 12X Sudden Cardiac Arrest Survivor

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