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Kevin's 2023 Recap

December 15, 20222 min read

Honest Feedback to Self

To be honest...

I am currently not satisfied with where we landed as an org this year.

However it is no one's fault but my own.

The truth is I have a ton of valid excuses as to why we didn't meet my our sales goals.

After all I did have 9 sudden cardiac arrests this year.

As CEOs we have families to provide for. Even if we get knocked down.

With that said, here are 3 areas of improvement to help you also level up your sales as we approach the new year.

1. Email WAYYYY more leads

Emailing more leads is an effective way of increasing lead generation and expanding customer outreach. Enabling your business to cultivate relationships with potential customers, as well as foster an environment of continual engagement. Through email communication, your business can identify opportunities for further interaction and capitalize on them in order to strengthen the customer-business relationship. If you need to create an introduction email you can use AI software like Jasper, or you can create a personalized outreach email.

2. Be more strict about who you allow to book a call

"Book more appointments"! Not necessarily. At first glance, more prospects always appears to be a better option. After all, the more people you can market your product or service to, the greater chance of success you have in converting them into customers. However, this is not necessarily the case when it comes to sales prospecting. Quality trumps quantity every time and having 40 mediocre broke prospects is not better than 5 amazing qualified prospects.

The key factor here is that quality matters when it comes down to sales prospecting. If a company has 40 leads who are unlikely to convert into customers due to their lack of financial resources or interest in purchasing your product or service then these leads are essentially worthless for sales purposes.

If you are tired of jumping on sales calls with unqualified prospects then your lead generation process might be broken. We can help with that.

3. More sales activities and less meetings

As the CEO of your business you have no business, following up with leads alone. Get a team in place to help you conduct outreach and followup calls. Your team needs to understand that if they can not bring you more clients the business will not sustain itself.

This video will help you understand how you are growing as a personal brand!

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I Help B2B Businesses & Professionals Grow Their Network On LinkedIn via Personalized Cold Outreach | 12X Sudden Cardiac Arrest Survivor

Kevin Marcus Miller

I Help B2B Businesses & Professionals Grow Their Network On LinkedIn via Personalized Cold Outreach | 12X Sudden Cardiac Arrest Survivor

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