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Jaya Rose on Overcoming Limiting Beliefs and Building an Online Empire

Building an Online Empire ft. Jaya Rose

May 23, 20233 min read

Agency Talk Podcast Highlight - Jaya Rose on Overcoming Limiting Beliefs and Building an Online Empire

Jaya's Empowering Journey

Jaya beams with pride while discussing her daughter, Rebecca, who accomplished remarkable feats by generating a million dollars in her business at the age of 24. Jaya reflects on her own unique path as a young single mother, emphasizing the extraordinary narrative behind her daughter's ascent to becoming a millionaire. She explores the shift in mindset across generations, moving away from scarcity towards a realm of boundless opportunities, where conditioning and beliefs greatly influence outcomes. Jaya marvels at Rebecca's limitless potential, drawing a sharp contrast with her own challenges regarding visibility and self-assurance.

Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

Kevin explores the initial hurdles that Jaya encountered during her entrepreneurial voyage. Jaya candidly discusses her ownership of a personal training studio and her role as a life coach, acknowledging her lack of expertise in marketing. She vulnerably shares the challenges she faced in transcending self-imposed limitations and the fear of appearing arrogant or overly assertive. Jaya attributes her daughter's influence in igniting her personal transformation, as she encouraged Jaya to showcase her achievements on TikTok, leading to a viral sensation that shifted her outlook on marketing.

The Power of Marketing

During their conversation, Jaya and Kevin delve into the significance of skillfully promoting oneself and the necessity of separating personal emotions from the marketing process. They underscore that effective marketing is not about intruding on others, but rather about demonstrating value and cultivating a sense of urgency. Jaya draws from her own experiences and recognizes the pivotal role of mastering self-promotion in achieving business success. She discusses her personal evolution from being overly concerned with pleasing others to confidently showcasing her offerings, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a distinction between personal relationships and strategic marketing approaches.

From Time Freedom to Bigger Stages

While Jaya enjoys time freedom in her current business endeavors, she reveals her next pursuit: growing her own visibility through speaking on bigger stages. She expresses her passion for public speaking and how it makes her feel most alive. Kevin reciprocates the sentiment, sharing his own aspirations for speaking on stage. They discuss the impact of their respective life experiences on their ability to inspire and influence others, acknowledging the power of storytelling and the connection it creates.

Looking Ahead

As the conversation draws to a close, Jaya shares her decision to market her personal brand for speaking engagements instead of seeking representation from a speaker bureau. She humbly acknowledges her limited understanding in this realm but approaches the forthcoming journey with unwavering confidence. Kevin applauds her wisdom, derived from her distinct experiences, and acknowledges the profound impact she can have on others through the power of her narrative.

The episode with Jaya Rose on the Agency Talk podcast provides valuable insights into overcoming limiting beliefs, the power of marketing, and the pursuit of personal growth. Jaya's journey, combined with her daughter's remarkable success, serves as inspiration for listeners looking to transform their own lives and businesses. With their shared passion for speaking, Jaya and Kevin remind us of the impact storytelling can have and the endless possibilities that lie ahead for those willing to step into their power.

Check out the full episode on YouTube below:

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I Help B2B Businesses & Professionals Grow Their Network On LinkedIn via Personalized Cold Outreach | 12X Sudden Cardiac Arrest Survivor

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