From songwriter to CEO, a BHS grad’s journey into the music world

Bothell High School graduate Kevin Miller is now the founder and CEO of his own entertainment company, All Approach.

He also attends Western Washington University full-time, writes music, and works another day job on the side. But the most incredible part of Miller’s story? He’s only 22 years old.

“He’s always been very curious and driven,” his mother, Fernell Miller, said. “I used to have to limit how many questions he could ask me in an hour.”

Miller’s first big music success came at the end of 2015, when an instrumental he produced called “Birth” landed on MTV’s “True Life.”

Through a co-publishing agreement with Indigi Music, Miller submits songs for consideration throughout the television and film industry.

His most recent success came with a song he wrote called “I’m the Man.” That song, which was produced by Augustine, will be featured in the upcoming movie “Almost Christmas” starring Gabrielle Union. The movie premieres on November 11.

The single’s album cover was designed by All Approach’s graphic designer Juan Hernandez and features a photo of young Miller dancing with his mom. Miller said the song was inspired by what his mom has taught him over the years about what it means to be a man.

According to Fernell Miller, her son has had musical inclinations from the very beginning. “I set his first studio up under his loft bed,” she said. Miller was about eight years old at the time.

Once Miller began to write music, it became a kind of therapy. It helped him deal with bullying at school and a divorce at home.

Now, Fernell Miller said, music has become her son’s purpose. “That’s his heart,” she said. “That’s his lifeline.”

All Approach launched on September 1 of this year. The company provides services that include brand development, music production, graphic design and video production tailored to a specific budget. Artists like E-40, Kap-G, J-Key and Kevin Gates make up the list of All Approach’s production credits.

According to Miller, the feedback about the business in the last two months has been better than expected. “It’s crazy how the presentation, it really matters,” he said. “I ended up hiring a few new people as well.” Including Miller, the All Approach team consists of 11 members.

What Miller lacks in years of experience he makes up for in elbow grease. “It’s not always the talent, it’s who in the industry has the best follow-through and takes the best action, who has the best agency,” he said.

Andrew Max, a family friend of the Millers and Kevin’s mentor since high school, has been instrumental in helping Miller achieve his early successes. Max called his mentee’s work ethic “tireless.”

Such a relentless work ethic means that Miller spends about 6 to 10 hours a day on work for All Approach on top of schoolwork and the hours he spends at his other job.

“There may be 90 other producers more qualified and more talented than me, but I’m never going to let them outwork me,” Miller said.

Despite Miller’s intense ambition, moneymaking is not one of his primary goals, Max said.

“What Kevin’s focusing on is creating a person,” he said. “He wants to be phenomenal.”

Aside from the music and production skills needed to launch All Approach, Miller said he also needed to develop his own levels of self-confidence.

“If you don’t believe in it, no one else is going to believe in it,” he said.

When speaking with Miller, his passion for music and for the people he works with is clear. “I’m just having a blast,” he said.

For more information about All Approach and its services, visit Miller’s music can be found on Soundcloud, ITunes, and Spotify.