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In the dawning of the age of the internet and social media, the online world has truly changed the way the world interacts with each other. Smartphones have now given its users access to the world right at their fingertips. With one swipe and one press on your phone, you can hail a ride, order a pizza, or even buy a new dress for your date. Because of this, most businesses have gone online, and some of the world’s biggest companies, like Amazon, Facebook, and Google, have thrived and capitalized their presence in the digital world.

However, with a lot of businesses making their mark online, it is easy to get lost in the mix. It takes a lot of effort to be seen, and even a lot more effort to be remembered. Luckily, Kevin Marcus Miller and his team at All Approach are here to help you boost your presence online and get yourself noticed.

Kevin Marcus Miller, the founder of All Approach, is a 26-year old emerging entrepreneur from Seattle, Washington who relaunched his digital marketing agency for the third time this year after surviving a sudden cardiac arrest on August 1st, 2019. Miller was hospitalized and unconscious for several days at Harbor View Medical Center. A graduate of B.A Communication Studies from Western Washington University, Miller has taken his expertise and is making his mark in the digital marketing world, helping small businesses in these challenging times thrive in the online sphere. Miller’s resiliency is not only inspiring but over time has distinguished him from his peers and propelled him to success.

Kevin Marcus Miller is an American entrepreneur, TV music composer, songwriter, & marketing consultant, and is the founder of All Approach, a digital marketing company that helps transform how small businesses market themselves online. All Approach harnesses the power of digital marketing with powerful strategies that make use of the power of the clients’ website, content marketing, social media, and paid advertising to ensure an optimal outcome with maximum engagement.

All Approach handles every aspect of digital marketing for its clients, providing everything they need including one-stop digital marketing & web design solutions which also includes graphic design, content writing, music production, business coaching and business development solutions. All Approach prides itself in providing digital marketing & web design solutions that are equitable and one-stop, ensuring that they meet their clients exactly where they are at financially and emotionally.

Over the years, prior to launching All Approach Miller has provided digital marketing solutions as a 9/5 contractor for companies like the University of Washington, Western Washington University, Microsoft, Holland America Line, & Qumulo. This gave Miller the strong foundation he needed to provide great service to his clients. One of their clients, Andrew Max, co-founder of Health Moves had this to say about their services: “All Approach recently consulted with my business on a staffing concern. This consultation was taken very seriously and addressed in a manner that my 20 years as a business owner was not aware of. Kevin’s insight into the depth of the persona and today’s society is beyond impressive. It’s this level of thoughtfulness that has allowed Kevin to rise above the rest.”

The digital world has now become the world’s newest marketplace, and the competition remains as stiff as ever. Let Kevin Marcus Miller and his team at All Approach help you stand out online and get you one step ahead of the game. To know more about Kevin Marcus Miller and All Approach, you can send them an email at info@allapproach.com, or visit their website.

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