Refining Your Brand

How to Improve and Refine your Brand? | Business Growth Specialists

This is something that took me a long time to really understand—when it comes to branding, there is a huge difference between your branding materials and your brand.

The emotional connection that people have with Nike, their mission, and the fact that they inspire you to just do it—that’s the brand.

Things like the website and the logo are not the brand. They’re just branding materials. Now, what happens when we start our small businesses—and I made this mistake, too—is that we think our website is more important than our brand.

Building the Right Brand

The first thing you have to do to start building your brand correctly the first time is this: identify who you serve and why you serve them.

In my case, I serve small business owners. Why? Because I believe that we all deserve financial freedom. I believe that we all deserve clarity in our lives.

Next, get clarity on how your customers connect with your brand emotionally. Do you inspire customers to just do it or what exactly?

For me, I inspire my customers to get more clarity in their life, their business, their relationships, and their staff. I inspire clarity—that’s the All Approach brand right now. You can have a personal brand. You can have a company brand. You can even have all of those things at the same time. Whatever it is, make sure that you have that clarity on which one is which. You have to understand which brand needs to be promoted in what channels, and who resonates with which message.

Finally, never forget that a brand is a promise. Double down on that promise by enhancing your customer experience and by creating content that emotionally connects with your audience.

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Written by:

Kevin Marcus Miller
I help burnt-out CEOs grow their emotional & financial bank account | From Unemployed in a coma to $100 Million in Customer Success.