Personalized Email Hacks

Isn’t it frustrating having to spend an hour composing the perfect email, only to receive no reply after sending it?

Emails are probably one of the most important forms of communication at the moment. So, instead of asking why people don’t reply to your email, ask yourself why don’t people want to talk to you. What is it about your email that makes the recipient say they don’t want to communicate with you any further?

I’ve seen this a lot, especially in marketing emails. A lot of people send emails assuming that those at the receiving end are actually interested in what they’re offering, without them ever engaging first or providing some sort of value. If you continue sending emails this way, you’d definitely end up receiving no replies.

So, what should you do to break through that barrier? Simple—don’t send emails the same way your competitors do. Instead, here’s what you should do: open your emails with a compliment. You might say something about their volunteer experience, or their content, something specific about them. Stay away from vague things like, “Oh, I love that video!” Instead, say something like, “Hey, I listened to that podcast episode where you said life is a giant coaster, I really felt that.”

After complimenting them, the next thing you should do is to ask them a question. Preferably, one that is specific to what they do. If you’re an accountant, ask them something like, “How’s your budgeting going right now with your business?” If you’re an insurance broker, something like, “Have you looked at all of the risks associated with your business?” will work.

The point is, you’d want to ask a question that aligns with your offer. Then, you’d want to give some context about you and why they should care about you. Finally, you’d want to include a call-to-action that will invite them to a conversation.

I talk about this in further detail in one of my Facebook Live videos. You can watch it in full here.

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