Case Study - New Bloom Solutions

Marketing Agency Doubles Revenue & Saves 50K With A VA

The Challenge

New Bloom Solutions is a marketing agency located in Miami, Florida. Founder Sahid Nahim and his team focus on floral industry consulting and operational advancements. When Sahid joined the All Approach family, he was looking to delegate some of his busy work.

In addition to delegating his busy work, Sahid was looking for guidance on how to attract more customers.

The Solution 

To accomplish these goals, the All Approach team assessed Sahid’s sales process, standard operating procedures, marketing strategy,  and financial statements. Once we had a growth plan we decided to recruit additional operation staff to support Sahid with marketing and operational tasks for 20 hours per week. In addition to recruiting this new staff member, we developed a customized training and onboarding experience, daily work routine, and professional development curriculum for his new hire. Our team continues to consult Sahid on a regular basis as his business evolves.

The Result 

In the time that we have been working with New Bloom Solutions, we have doubled their revenue and saved them 50K in annual business expenses. Their website traffic, niche podcast, and brand authority have all improved, which ultimately leads to more people seeing the website and contacting them. Our efforts have also given Sahid more peace of mind and a team he can trust and grow alongside.

Founder: Sahid Nahim