Case Study - Bright IDEA Consulting

Special Education Consultant Increases Website Traffic By 271%

The Challenge

Bright IDEA formed an organization to educate, equip, and support parents so they are able to better advocate for the needs of their children. When Bright IDEA Consulting founder Dr. Rolanda joined the All Approach family she was looking for a new website and logo. Dr. Rolanda thought she was looking for a simple website built out but got so much more.

The Solution

Bright IDEA Consulting has a very unique offer. After a few consultations, we restructured Dr. Rolanda’s offer and website copy to attract her ideal customer. After website & logo completion, we audited her sales process to ensure that her offer was easy to sell and easy to explain.

The Result

In the time that we have been working with Bright IDEA Consulting, we saw an increase in website traffic by 271%. Our efforts have also Dr. Rolanda more clarity on her offer and sales process.


“All Approach made me an awesome website and logo. I highly suggest working with Kevin and the team.”

-Dr. Rolanda Fabien