Case Study - Brick 13

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Consulting Firm Increases Revenue By 468% & Saves $35K

The Challenge

Brick 13 teaches leaders to examine, analyze, and disrupt (organizational) (institutional) biased and inequitable power so that leaders can (ensure)(grow)(build) racial, gender, and economic equity, diversity, and inclusion (justice) in every aspect of their work. When founder Jen Self was referred to All Approach Jen did not have a business website or a system to attract new customers online. Jen was depending on referrals only to grow the business. Jen thought they were looking for a simple website built out but got so much more.

The Solution

Scaling a small business can be scary. The All Approach team developed a 30-page business plan, logo, website, social media pages, and digital product suite. We also restructured Jen’s personal LinkedIn profile in order to attract more ideal customers. Once we developed a growth plan we decided to recruit additional operation staff to support Jen with marketing and operational tasks for a total of 15 hours per week. In addition to recruiting a new staff member, we developed a customized training and onboarding experience, daily work routine, and professional development curriculum for the new hire. Our team continues to consult Jen on a regular basis as the business evolves.

The Result

In the time that we have been working with Brick 13, we increased their revenue by 468%. Their website traffic, social media following, and brand authority have all improved, which ultimately leads to more people seeing the website and contacting them. Our efforts have also given Jen more peace of mind and a team Jen can trust and grow alongside. We also connected Jen with our exclusive All Equity referral network of other DEI consultants.

Brick 13

Meet Founder Dr. Jen Self