All Approach VA Salary Guide – How much should you pay your VA?

Over the past few years, many business owners all over the world have already seen the potential of hiring Filipino virtual assistants. Then the Global pandemic hit. The year 2020 was challenging for many small businesses. Many businesses were forced to close, thus many U.S. employees lost their jobs. But you know what’s interesting? The online business industry thrived and continued to grow exponentially.

The past 2 years may have been tragic for some, but it has also opened another opportunity for some. I guess, there’s always a silver lining no matter how bad the situation is. I chose to outsource tasks to the Philippines since the communication, performance, and service rates are exceptional. In the Philippines, there are also a lot of courses and coaching programs that help entry-level assistants to leverage their skills so they can become an expert in their niche without needing to have 5-10 years of experience. Many new VAs saw the opportunity to specialize in a niche so that they could provide more customized services to their U.S. clients during the pandemic. 

So, if you’re someone who wants to hire a VA from the Philippines, you’ll be able to find all sorts of talent at the below rates. These are the Ethical Rates we use here at All Approach that are above the market average. 


Position Entry Level (at $5/hr) Intermediate (at $8/hr) Advanced (starts at $10/hr)
Project Management $800/month $1,280/month $1600+/month
Social Media Management $800/month $1,280/month $1600+/month
Lead Generation $800/month $1,280/month $1600+/month
Executive Assistant $800/month $1,280/month $1600+/month
Digital Marketing Assistant $800/month $1,280/month $1600+/month
Video Editor $800/month $1,280/month $1600+/month
Graphic Designer $800/month $1,280/month $1600+/month
Data Entry $800/month $1,280/month $1600+/month
Operations  $800/month $1,280/month $1600+/month
Recruitment  $800/month $1,280/month $1600+/month

** The range for the rates above is based on a full-time salary with (40 hrs/week). Dollar amounts are in USD dollars.


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Written by:

Nicole Natividad

All Approach | Delegation Specialist