My Secret to Clear Decision Making

Now a lot of the times people message me and they don’t know how to make clear decisions, right? So they message me and they’re like, “Hey, I need this,” or “I want to do this.”

And then I tell them, “Well, this is what you need,” or “This is the price.” And they say, “Well, I just need this.”

And the reason they do that is that they don’t understand these three principles.

There are three principles when it comes to decision-making, let’s go over them together.

Whenever you buy something from somebody, it can never be good, fast, and cheap. Here’s why:

  • If you want something to be good and fast, that means it ain’t going to be cheap.
  • If you want something to be good and cheap, that means it’s not going to be fast.
  • If you want something to be fast and cheap, it ain’t going to be good.

Here’s a graph to help you visualize how these three principles work.

You can also watch this quick video where I talk more about these three principles. (Make sure you join the All Virtual-Delegation and Staffing for CEOs Facebook Group so you can view the video in full.)

Written by:

Kevin Marcus Miller
I help burnt-out CEOs grow their emotional & financial bank account | From Unemployed in a coma to $100 Million in Customer Success.