Everything is an Act of Emotional Selling

One of the skill sets that I deeply underestimate in my life is the fact that we are always selling. Whether you’re talking to someone about something personal during a therapy session or whether you’re at the grocery store and talking to your partner about which meal you want to get. Everything is an act of selling. It’s about the way you perceive the interaction.

Allow me to try and break this down for you. Say you’re a football fan. It’s Super Bowl Sunday, and you just want the have the most memorable Super Bowl experience with your family as possible. So, you go into Best Buy and tell the salesman that you want to experience the Super Bowl in the best way possible. Most salespersons would immediately recommend the best television they have. But what they fail to understand is that you’re not aiming for the best specs, you want the best experience.

This is where I went wrong in my selling. When selling a service or product, I often listed down the things that came with that service, when I should’ve highlighted what my prospect would feel after they obtain my service. Instead of saying, “This is the best we have!” try asking, “What do you hope to gain from using our product?”

I talk about emotional selling in fuller detail in my latest All Virtual Live video. You can watch the replay here.

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Everything is an act of selling. It’s about the way you perceive the interaction.