Are You the Head Coach or the Quarterback in Your Business?

As a CEO, there may be times when you feel like things aren’t actually going your way. When this happens, the common knee jerk reaction is to jump in and do things on your own. However, if you want your business to thrive, this is something you should try to avoid.

Think about this. Suppose your company were a football team. In any football team, there’s two leadership roles—the head coach and the quarterback. Both are essential to the team, but they have very different roles. Now, as a CEO, are you more of a head coach or a quarterback?

You see, the quarterback is in the game. The head coach is not in the game.

The quarterback performs the plays and runs the field. The head coach directs each play and plans how to effectively run the field.

As much as we all want to be a part of our business, as a CEO, your job is to be the head coach—not the quarterback. Your job is to build the team and to make sure that you achieve your vision. As much as how a head coach’s goal is to get his team to the Super Bowl, your job as a CEO is to lead your company towards success.

Think about it—have you ever seen a head coach dive into a game and start tackling people when things start to go wrong during a game?

As CEOs, that is usually what we do when things don’t go right in our business—we hop right in the game. We micromanage, we knock over our offensive line and handle things ourselves. I’m a CEO, and I can say that I am guilty of doing this.

Remember, if the head coach of every football team was so concerned about everything they did wrong during a game, they will never finish the game. The head coach understands that his job is to orchestrate, inspire, and lead with conviction. His job is not to play in the field. If something goes wrong, the head coach can always talk to the quarterback—his lieutenant. The quarterback may not always know what’s going on in the head coach’s head, but he can provide the support the head coach needs.

So, let’s stop being the quarterback in our business and start being the head coach. Let’s start worrying about Super Bowls instead of counting every single failed pass.

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Written by:

Kevin Marcus Miller
I help burnt-out CEOs grow their emotional & financial bank account | From Unemployed in a coma to $100 Million in Customer Success.