Candace Spennato

Painless Properties, LLC

Kevin Miller was our social media consultant during the spring of 2016. We provide student housing for Western Washington University. As a current WWU student, Kevin was the perfect choice. He was acutely aware of our demographic, and brought a fresh, fun, and exciting presence to our online platforms. He created and participated in content, promotions and videos. One of our first FB video's went viral shortly after Kevin started managing our page. He was very prompt, professional and thorough, going above the call of duty to host promotional events, set goals, train our employees, and successfully improve our online engagement. He is a talented man, that I highly recommend and look forward to working with again.

Kris Napper

Snappy Clothing

I was introduced to Kevin through a mutual friend when he needed some graphic design work back in 2013. I'm extremely grateful to this friend as it has been an absolute pleasure working with Kevin on a number of projects over the years. Kevin is excellent at communicating complex ideas to produce quick and efficient results. He is always prompt when submitting payments, and extremely complimentary when expressing gratitude for a job well done. Kevin's work ethic, positive attitude, and passion for what he does is truly inspirational, and I would recommend him to anyone on both a personal and professional level.

Q Dot

Grammy Nominee

Kevin embodies the spirit of what it means to be an independent musician. He's talented, well-rounded, driven and has the tools needed to make an impact.

It's easy to get lost in the sea of musicians, many of whom are talented and have a real desire to succeed but Kevin has the "it" that separates him from the pack. I've enjoyed watching his career progress and grow over time and i'm sure that as his career grows in music, he'll be able to apply his success to any other field he chooses down the line. But for now, i'm excited to see just how much of an impact he can have on the music industry.

Ledonia Davis

Technical Recruiter

Kevin is a enthusiastic professional that is focused and very self driven. When it comes to business, music/production and work ethic, he is learning from experience but is well versed. As a trusted advisor in many areas of the music business - Kevin is organized, resourceful and goal oriented. His passion for his craft noticeable and he takes extreme pride in his work and brand. A great person to partner with if you want genuine and authentic skill.

Matthew Anderson

Western Washington University New Media Coordinator

Kevin was an intern with me in the Office of Communications and Marketing at Western Washington University during the summer of 2016. I came out of the experience much better for it. Kevin was a joy to work with, and I probably learned as much from him as he did from me.

Kevin is kind and thoughtful in all he does. He exhibited great communication skills throughout the internship, and he regularly took on additional duties with aplomb, whether it was hosting the WWU television show, learning web design, writing press releases or interviewing story subjects. He has a great work ethic, and he tackled all of his tasks until he was able to determine a solution.

When it comes to music, Kevin's talent speaks for himself. He regularly amazed me with what he was able to accomplish in the music world. He has the skills and drive to accomplish whatever he wants, and I can't wait to find out what that is. He certainly has a bright future ahead of him.

April Rose


Kevin was employed by Camp Roots as a Lead Teacher for our 2016 Summer Session. Kevin was responsible for leading his team of students ages 5-12 through the daily curriculum, taking them on hikes, and providing an enriching camp experience for all campers. He lead his team with gentle guidance and consistency. Kevin is a very effective communicator and he had many team building tools that he used to keep things fun and safe for the kids. Each week Kevin's team was always the first to be ready to go and were always willing to lend a hand. Kevin served as a positive role model for all campers and we feel very fortunate for the time he spent working with us.

Connor Jalbert


Kevin and I have just began working on a mini documentary and I have been loving all the work he has done so far as well as the aspirations he has. Our company Fortitude legacy will definitely be partnering with All Approach on projects in the near future.



Kevin is super easy to work with! He works quickly and always makes sure you love what you receive. I've worked with him many times and can't wait to work with him on my next project! If you're looking for someone to get your project done, look no further!